When A Jew Recieves the Same Medicine

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Should You See a Neurologist?

A neurologist is helping you to cover up your health with more strength and power. A neurologist is a doctor with specialised training in diagnosing and treating diseases. A neurologist is a spacial trainer of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscles. Most of the time, your personal doctor refers patients to a neurologist. If patients have symptoms of a neurological condition. India has lots of best neurologist in India. Neurology Hospitals in Indore is one of the best hospitals in India, Take the best treatment here and take advantage of the best facility. The best neurology hospitals in Indore give treatment with extra care of the patient of disorders that are related to his/her nervous system. Neurology Hospitals in Indore give a best treatment or patients. There is following various Diseases managed by neurologists.

Diseases managed by neurologists include:

• Stroke

• Neurological trauma

• Tumours of the nervous system

• Infections of the nervous system

• Multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases

• Epilepsy

• Peripheral nerve disease

• Neuromuscular diseases

• Dementia

• Headaches

• Movement disorders

• Sleep disorders

Symptoms of Warranting a Neurological Consultation

1.Chronic pain – Many of the people have back pain or neck pain. While this type of pain is control or manage by a physician.

2. Dizziness – Dizziness can come in different varieties. People do many things when they are dizzy. They think dizziness has require to check up to different kinds of doctors. If you are dizziness then you have to consult with neurologist or doctors.

3. Numbness or tingling – If you have to tingling then it can be caused by many medical problems. A tingling patient has to consult with first primary care doctors. primary care doctor can manage many of these problems, but some require to check up from the neurologist.

4. Weakness  – If you feel more weakness in your body first you have to go for the check up from best physician or doctors.  It could be caused by a more serious condition or disease of your nervous system.  This may be a sign of a stroke.

5. Movement problems –If your tremors also affect your daily activities, you may want to see a neurologist. Problems with movement include unintentional movements, psychically problem, Body weakness, tremor, rigidity, clumsiness, or difficulty walking.

6. Seizures – Symptoms of seizures can be confusion, It is clear with these symptoms like jerking movements of the arms and legs, breathing problems, loss of consciousness. If your primary doctors see you and help you then finally go to the neurologist. If your body is seizures then you have to consult with your doctors.

7. Vision problems – Difficult of see and view of the scenes are not been clear. Either an eye doctor can advise you then you have to go to the neurologist. You can taste a neurologist see a neurologist about your vision problem. If you see blur image or vision consult with your personal doctors.

8. Memory problems or confusion  – Some of the symptoms may be caused by a disease like Alzheimer’s.  your symptoms and decide if you need to see a neurologist. You have to be some extra care about your health. If you face weakness of the memory you should consult with a neurologist. It also helps to improve your health in few days.

9. Sleep problems  – Sleep problem is one of the worst problems. People are taking more tension for health. They go for the consult with doctors. Sleep disorders are very common, check your personal doctors for this. Don’ t be panic or stress in this condition. Take a proper bad time or rest to recover your strength and health. If you don’t go for the right time for bad it is harming you and stress up all the days.

10. Headaches – Most of the people are suffers from headaches at some point in life. A headache is a common problem.  some people suffer from more severe headaches like frequent migraines. Most of the people think this is a common headache and they are nag let that but this is a more dangerous nervous system. You can go for the consult with the neurologist.

Many of these symptoms could be part of a disorder that is not neurological.

Top 6 Neurology Hospitals in Indore –

  1. Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences

  2. Choithram Hospital and Research Centre

  3. Greater Kailash Hospital

  4. Apollo Hospital – Indore

  5. Hope Multispeciality Hospital and Research Centre – Nagpur

  6. Index Medical College hospital and RC 

  7. Sawarkar Multispeciality Hospital – Nagpur

  8. KD Care Hospital

Kidney Stones Treatment: Home Remedies for Kidney Stones Symptoms

Home remedies for kidney stones symptoms are a miracle stock of alternative medicine which is the most natural way to kidney stones treatment. It also alleviates kidney pain naturally. With these remedies you can treat yourself in the most natural way. Results will be much more permanent than through any mainstream medicine. Using these home remedies for kidney stones symptoms will never give you any kind of side effects at all.

The condition forms solid crystals molded in the kidneys from the dietary minerals in the urine. Usually when the size of stones is small they normally pass out very easily through urination but when the size reaches 2-3 mm, it becomes very difficult for them to pass. This all results into lot of hindrance in the ureter and develops the chances of postrenal azotemia, hydronephrosis and spasm.

It all causes extreme pain in the flank, lower abdomen and groin along with vomiting, fever, nausea, sometimes blood from the urine along with painful urination. Pain is so severe that it becomes intolerable. It normally lasts for 20-60 minutes till ureter endeavors to push kidney stones out.

Low fluid intake, additional consumption of animal protein, refined sugars, grape juice, apple juice, sodium, more supplemental calcium and low dietary calcium intake as well as soft drinks are some of the causes that can upturn the speed of stone building.

CT scan, intravenous pyelogram (IVP), ultrasound helps in the analysis of stone. There are various kinds of kidney stones. Some of them are composed of uric acid, calcium oxalate, ammonium magnesium phosphate, xanthine etc.

Medicines like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs aka NSAID or opioids help in dissolving the stones. Only crucial condition requires surgery like laser lithotripsy, percutaneous neprolithotomy, Percutaneous nephrolithotomy as well as evenanatrophic nephrolithotomy. Using extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy ESWL can help in crushing stones into smaller parts so that they can easily be pushed out through the uterus. But no treatment of mainstream medicine will leave you fully relieved of this devastating kidney pain.

Increasing consumption of liquid, citrate rich liquids with the intention to upsurge the urine, preserving the ingestion of calcium 1000-1200 mg per day, restricting the consumption of sodium to less than 2300 mg per day, limiting vitamin C to 1000 mg per day, reducing consumption of animal protein as well as the foods which are rich in oxalate like nuts, wheat, dark chocolate, brewed tea, spinach and strawberries are some of the measures that you can take to avoid grander stones as well as kidney pain.

All these steps are not sufficient as they will only give you temporary relief from kidney pain. Surgeries and medicines can turn your condition to worse. Moreover they will affect you in a negative way. After sometime process of stones building starts again.

But through kidney stones treatment using home remedies for kidney stones symptoms, you can cure yourself naturally and permanently.

Here is Joe Barton, a medical researcher in holistic alternative medicine!

He is serving number of people who are suffering from this devastating condition. He assists them in dissolving their stones into minute particles and bypassing them through their ureters without surgery as well as without any pain with his method of kidney stones treatment using home remedies for kidney stones symptoms. The procedure merely encompasses ingesting 72 ounces of a very ordinary drink proceeding it with consuming 8 ounces of a particular green vegetable prepared in a mixer. By means of these two intakes in combination with each other, a biochemical reaction begins in the kidney and within 3 to 4 hours the urinary tract and the ureter dissipate stones mystically. If the size of stones is larger than 5mm, they will take a bit longer to dissolve. The vegetable puree blushes this slurry out of the urine without any pain.

He has noted down his method of kidney stones treatment using home remedies for kidney stones symptoms in The Kidney Stone Removal Report. If you are a sufferer too, you can straightaway place an order for the same and begin with your curative process via old home remedies for kidney stone symptoms resulting in permanent kidney stones treatment.

These home remedies for kidney stones symptoms are also approved by Dr. Scott Saunders who upholds them as the best kidney stones treatment.

Source by Darrell Tepe

Texas A&M dean of medicine decries budget cuts

Higher education institutions statewide are looking at the possibility of substantial funding cuts as lawmakers push to tighten their budget, leading many university officials to consider the potentially dramatic results those reductions could have.

After only one month on the job, Texas A&M Vice Chancellor for Health Services, Dean of the College of Medicine and Senior Vice President for the Health Science Center Carrie Byington said she already has been forced to make difficult decisions in the face of an uncertain economic climate — including cuts to the number of students who will be admitted to the next class of Texas A&M’s medical school. 

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The More Common Over the Counter Allergy Medicine

Lots of people rely on over the counter allergy medicine for treating their allergy problems as it is more easily available and cheaper. However, when you go for an over the counter medicine, you will be making your own choices rather than being guided by a physician. As such it is important to have a thorough knowledge of allergy drugs before buying an allergy relief medicine over the counter.

Antihistamines, decongestants, and topical corticosteroids are among the more commonly used allergy relief medicine.


Antihistamines are the first preference of most doctors as an allergy relief medicine. When the body comes into contact with allergens, it produces what are known as histamines which act on the cells causing them to inflame or itch. Antihistamines work by preventing histamines from getting attached to the various tissues that cause inflammation or sneezing. So they are very effective in relieving a sufferer from the most common symptoms of allergy.

Antihistamines may be prescribed by the doctor or may be available as over the counter allergy medicine. People who have a heart problem or hypertension or any other serious ailments should not buy it over the counter and should take in only under the guidance of a doctor, as prescribed by him.


Decongestants are allergy relief medicine that works by shrinking the swollen tissues of the nose, thereby improving the airflow within the nasal passage. It also relieves the pressure in the head, which is also characteristic of some allergy attacks. Decongestant drops, pills, and nasal sprays are available as over the counter allergy medicine. Doctors often prescribe decongestants to allergy patients in combination with antihistamines.

Topical Corticosteroids

Though corticosteroids are used less as allergy relief medicine than antihistamines or decongestants, they may be used topically in some cases on the recommendations of the doctor. It is the ability of corticosteroids to control inflammation of blood vessels and muscles, which make it an allergy relief medicine. Topical applications of corticosteroids are in the form of eye drops, skin creams etc.

People who have been using certain types of allergy relief medicine periodically over the years, and have become familiar with the body's reactions and responses to it, can opt to buy over the counter allergy medicine. Still, they should seek the advice of a doctor if they develop any health problems, even if it is unrelated to allergy. For others, it is best to take any allergy relief medicine only under the guidance of a doctor.

Source by Roy Forchet

Grandpa’s Amputation: Laughter is the Best Medicine!

This video is from a few weeks ago, we didn’t publish this video immediately to make sure all was well with the surgery first. We are pleased to say that Carl (Michael’s dad) is recovering well emotionally and physically. We like to say that laughter is the best medicine, and he sure got a lot of that right after the surgery. We are so proud of his attitude towards such a difficult situation.

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Callie from Alone Season 3: plant medicine, tongue photos, “why’d you quit!?”, Alone friends

Is Med School Right for Me? | Deciding on a Career in Medicine

Anyone can tell you a million things about what it means to go to medical school and pursue a career as a physician. But only you can decide if it is right for you. By using the tools in this video and gaining exposure, you will have a better idea if medicine is right for you.

It is crucial you understand the pros and cons of pursuing a career in medicine prior to committing to medical school. In this video I go over the ways to determine if a career as a doctor/physician is right for you.

I go over:
1. The path to becoming a doctor in the United States (medical school, residency, fellowship)
2. The financial repercussions of choosing a career in medicine
3. Deal breakers, including going into medicine for the money, hating school or learning, and not liking people
4. Qualities you SHOULD have, such as wanting to help people, being a leader of the healthcare team, desiring an intellectually challenging career, whether or not you like procedures, and the importance of hard work, discipline, and work ethic over intelligence.
5. The importance of shadowing and gaining exposure prior to medical school.

Free Background Music. BrvtVs – Dead Times


spencer hastings | medicine [season four]

“are you on drugs?”

hd + small screen + headphones!!

this mainly focuses on 4B because that is where most of the spencer action occurs lmao

once again, i took forever to get round to doing this and then rushed it so it’s crappy. this is my least favourite edit i have done for this series so i hope i haven’t let anybody down.

this is part 4/7 which means it’s over half way (lowkey crying). BUT i do love the 4B storyline and want to see spencer protected (once again). i also like how this storyline is re-occurring in future episodes too.

thanks again for all the love and support 🙂

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