Chinese Medicine For Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that has been plaguing the human race since time memorial. Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease that affects all of the cells in the body.

It is characterized by the bodys inability to produce or burn sugar.In a more accurate description, Diabetes is the condition wherein the body cant create, use, or store glucose.

Glucose is found in the blood stream and it is the substance measured by doctors to determine the severity of the disease in a patient.

There are two types of Diabetes, Type I and Type II Diabetes.Type I Diabetes is called insulin-dependent Diabetes. It commonly occurs in children and takes place the moment the body stop producing insulin. In order to survive, the patients suffering from it have to take insulin injections on a daily basis. Type II Diabetes occurs in older individuals. Here, the patients body fail to produce insulin or is unable to use it properly.

It usually strikes individuals who are overweight and has a history of diabetes in their family.

In Chinese medicine, acupuncture is the most common way to treat this disease.

There are also several effective herbs to fight it off. Astragalus membranaceus has been used by countless of generations in treating diabetes, as far as Chinese heritage is concerned.

This medicine could reduce the blood sugar level of the body, while improving kidney functions and ensuring the health of the nerves. When put to a test, this medicine had faired a high score of 97% effectiveness against type II diabetes.Berberine appears in the list of Chinese herbs that can be used for diabetes. It can be obtained from the bark and roots of Chinese medicinal plants. If the plant can be used to heal wounds, chances are, it has high Berberine content.

For diabetic patients, berberine works by activating a body enzyme that increases the sensitivity of the body tissues to insulin. The effect is lowered blood sugar level. Recent medical research had proven the potency of this substance to diabetic patients.Lianjin Chong, a doctor and director of Beijings Red Cross Hospital, created the Yu Xiao San 8805 formula. This Chinese medicine is designed to bring back the health and normal functions of the pancreas. The formula will also enhance the production of the insulin-producing cells of the body.

Taking the therapy on a regular basis will effectively lower ones blood sugar levels while increasing the secretion of insulin for better management of the disease.

It also regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates, improves the circulation of the blood, and lowers blood cholesterol. The Yu Xiao San 8805 formula contains herbs like Radix Ginseng, and Clemetidis Chinensis, among others.His formula has undergone a series of tests both in the United States and China and had produced best results in each one.

The medicine is being used for many years now and in more than 50 countries worldwide.

It is also good to note is that this medicine doesnt produce any allergic reactions or any adverse effects on the patients taking it.

It wont affect the kidneys, liver, or any other organ of the body.

Yu Xiao San 8805 is best used for Type II Diabetes.

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Many Infections, One Medicine – Generic Flagyl

Flagyl, an antibiotic, is used to treat various infections in the body including those of the skin, gut areas, pelvic cavity, brain abcesses, leg ulcers, pressure sores, gums, osteomyelitis, and necrotizing pneumonia.  Generic Metronidazole, the medicinal compound in Flagyl, destroys the DNA function in vulnerable anaerobic bacteria and protozoa.  The medicine is effectively used in the prevention of infection following a surgical procedure, particularly after childbirth.  It is also used to cure bacterial Vaginosis, urogenital Trichomoniasis, and Amoebic Dysentery.

Generic Metronidazole in Flagyl, belongs to the antibiotic class of drugs called nitroimidazoles, and is used to treat infections caused by anaerobic bacteria [that do not need oxygen to survive] and micro-organisms called protozoa.  Metronidazole is believed to disable the DNA synthesis in the susceptible bacteria, thereby preventing functioning of the existing bacteria and inhibiting further development.  

Flagyl has been found to be extremely effective when used in the prevention and treatment of infections following gynaecological surgery such as Puerperal fever or Sepsis that can occur after childbirth, or Giardiasis that is a gut infection.  This medicine is equally effective in treating Septicaemia [blood poisoning], Brain abcesses, Necrotizing Pneumonia, Osteomyelitis [infection in the bones], Pelvic abcesses, Peritonitis [abdominal infection], Bacterial Vaginosis [vaginal infection caused by bacteria], Urogenital Trichomoniasis [a sexually transmitted genital infection], and Amoebic Dysentery [a protozoal infection].   The medicine helps to cure Dental infections, Ulcerative Gingivitis [gum inflammation and ulcers], and bacteria-infected leg ulcers as well as pressure sores.

Flagyl Generic is an oral medication, though for serious infections, Metronidazole is administered intravenously in the beginning, followed by the oral treatment.  The dosage may vary according to the infection, as in treating infection of brain abcesses, when a high dose has to be given. The medicine is given according to the patient’s medical condition and should be taken as advised by the doctor.  It is recommended that the medicine should not be chewed, but swallowed with a lot of water; it can be taken regardless of food.  Even if you feel better soon, the entire therapy must be taken, as antibiotics often help to make one feel better quickly, but if the course is not completed, you run the risk of the infection returning.  While on this treatment, and for at least 48 hours later, you should not consume alcohol, otherwise you may experience a great deal of discomfort from nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, headache, in addition to flushing.

Before the physician puts you on to Flagyl, let the doctor know about all the ailments you’ve suffered from; all the medicines [prescription, OTC], nutritional supplements, herbal products you’re taking; and if you have any known allergies, particularly to Metronidazole or any Nitroimidazole derivative.  Let the treating doctor know if you have a decreased liver function, Hepatic Encephalopathy [a brain disease caused by an underlying liver problem], Seizures, Crohn’s disease, Prophyrias [an inherited blood disorder], Anemia [inadequate number of red blood cells], or Leukopenia [inadequate number of white blood cells].  The doctor has to know about all your medicines, so that the correct dose can be worked out, and lab tests be instituted, wherever necessary, to monitor your condition.

For Amoebic Dysentery, or an Amoebic abcess in the liver, the dose varies but is usually administered from 5-10 days.  Flagyl is recommended in pediatrics only for treatment of Amoebiasis – for children who have such problems, normally 3 doses are given for a period of 10 days.   As plasma clearance decreases in patients having a decreased liver function, geriatrics have to undergo lab tests for monitoring of serum levels, so that they get just the right dose of the medicine.

To treat very severe anaerobic infections, Flagyl is usually administered intravenously at the beginning, followed with an oral dose every 6 hours [dependent upon weight], lasting 7-10 days.  In the treatment of infections of the bones, joints, lower respiratory tract, and endocardium, the therapy can extend beyond the usual 10 days, and the dosage pattern can vary.  Those who suffer from a serious hepatic disease are given low doses of Flagyl, to prevent accumulation of Metronidazole in the plasma.   

There are a large number of drugs that interact with Metronidazole.  If taken together with anticoagulants [Warfarin, Nicoumalone], there can be adverse effects – the risk of bleeding may increase in such patients.   Antiepileptic medicines like Phenobarbital can render Flagyl less effective.  Those taking Flagyl with Ciclosporin, or Lithium, will have to get their blood levels and kidney function checked from time-to-time; while those who take Metronidazole with Fluorouracil [an anti-cancer medicine] can find an increase in the side-effects caused by Flourouracil, though Flagyl does not reduce the anti-cancer effect.  If taken with Phenytoin, Flagyl is capable of increasing blood levels that will have to be monitored.  

Metronidazole is not recommended for patients on Disulfram treatment, as the two taken together tend to enhance psychotic symptoms, adversely affecting paranoia and bring about hallucinations, unless 2 weeks have passed since the patient last took Disulfram.  

Some side-effects that commonly occur include nausea, vomiting, headache, stomachache/abdominal cramps, epigastric discomfort [due to feeling of fullness in the throat/esophagus], diarrhea, or conversely constipation, a distinct unpleasant taste, hives, rash, dryness of mouth or vagina, incontinence, or pelvic pressure.  If any of these symptoms worsen or persist, then you must contact your doctor at once.  Severe allergic reactions to Flagyl are unlikely, but can include the usual reactions, like: rash, itching, swelling, laboured breathing, or severe dizziness.  

Serious but unlikely side effects may occur if Flagyl is administered for a prolonged period, such as:  convulsive seizures, peripheral neuropathy [numbness/tingling of hands/feet], mood changes, painful urination, white patches in the mouth, or a new vaginal yeast infection; or should you happen to experience a rare but serious side-effect that may present itself in the form of a sore throat, unusual bleeding/bruising, or fever, then in any such condition, you must immediately inform your physician who will give further advice.  However, most people who are being treated with Flagyl, do not experience severe side effects.

Pregnant or lactating women should seek the doctor’s advice before taking Flagyl, so should those who are planning to conceive.  For treatment of Trichomoniasis, pregnant patients are not given the drug in the first trimester, while for those for whom an alternative treatment has not yielded good results, the 1-day therapy cannot be given as it causes abnormally high serum levels that can affect the circulation in their fetus, for Metronidazole is known to cross the placental barrier.  Dosage regimen for women and men having Trichomoniasis is based on the medical condition of the patient.

Women who are taking an oral Birth Control pill or using contraceptive patches, face a low risk of an unwanted pregnancy if administered Metronidazole; but to avoid even this low risk, it is recommended that such women should use an extra method to prevent childbirth while taking Flagyl, without a break, and continue with that for a week after the Flagyl therapy has ended.  The gynaecologist or physician should be consulted for individualized advice.

The medicine in tablet formulation must be stored below a room temperature of 25oC, protected from light, heat and dampness; and kept away from children and pets.

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Medique 77501 International Traveler First Aid Kit with Polybags

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George’s Marvellous Medicine – Soft Whisper / Page Turning ASMR

Reading one of my favourite Roald Dahl stories – George’s Marvellous Medicine! (Part 1).

Video ASMR triggers include: soft whisper, mouth sounds, page turning/flipping, book sounds, close whisper, slight voice acting. 🙂

Enjoy! xx

Acupuncture Versus Western Medicine – Allan Richard

The thought of acupuncture immediately evokes some pictures which spread in the mind, like the ancient Chinese concocting special recipes, the black kettles, needles, etc. It should be said here that these images do not convey the proper aspect of acupuncture therapy. You are mistaken if you think that western medicine would be replaced by acupuncture. These two fundamental aspects of medicine have important distinctions between them, and you can find some of them below.

Science verus Intuition

Science and knowledge play a pivotal role behind every treatment in western medicine. People arguing for western medicine are in the opinion that United States is the leader in medicine compared to other countries of the world. But the effect prescription drugs may have on the body and mind is not trivial. Nor is the long list of side effects associated with it.

On the other hand, acupuncture is not proved by science and solid facts, but it is more of intuition and feeling of the patient that this therapy works. The patient relies heavily on this alternative medicine therapy, which helps this method take root and prove itself. Acupuncture relies on the fact that about millions of Chinese people have quickly and efficiently overcome their illnesses and diseases.

The Benefits of Both

Though the two methods of acupuncture and western medicine have their own great benefits, similarly they have their own downfalls, too. In fact, their downfalls are lesser, and thus easy to evaluate than their benefits.

In case of western medicine, many patients get used to the medicine they take regularly. This makes the medicine ineffective over a period of time, warranting administration of higher doses. There are cases such as depression, when patients cannot avoid taking prescription medicines for their whole lives.

Regarding acupuncture, there are no great downfalls, except the fact that this therapy is not tested to ensure 100% improvement all the time.

Thus, when people confront these two basic methods of medicine, there are more chances that they will take to acupuncture. After all, even if acupuncture therapy did not work for some people, it certainly will not cause harm to anyone. It is a 100% safe therapy.


Kenya launches world’s first child-friendly TB medicine – Anadolu Agency

By Magdalene Mukami and Andrew Wasike


Kenya on Tuesday became the first country to launch new child-friendly medicine for treating tuberculosis (TB).

Speaking during the launch of the treatment for tuberculosis, Health Secretary Cleopa Mailu said no child in Kenya would henceforth die from the infectious disease.

“Kenya is playing a leading role in the fight against childhood TB by being the first to introduce improved TB medicines for children,” he said.

TB Alliance (Global Alliance for TB Drug Development), an international non-profit organization, was involved in the development of the drugs used to cure TB after receiving a $16 million grant from UNITAID.

Other partners include the UN, the World Health Organization and the National Tuberculosis, Leprosy and Lung Disease Program (NTLD-Program)

According to the Kenyan Health Ministry, tuberculosis still remains a major killer of children in the East African country.

The WHO’s updated data shows that at least 1 million children worldwide suffer from tuberculosis annually, resulting in 140,000 deaths.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Kenya’s head of department of preventive and promotive health, Jackson Kioko said that TB was the most common source of death among other communicable diseases.

“It has actually surpassed HIV and we know that TB is a major cause of death among people living with HIV. This [new TB medicine] will be available in all our 9,000 outlets in the country thus ensuring many lives are saved,” he said.

Children in Kenya make up 10 percent of all TB cases and 2-3 percent are never treated.

In 2015, 7,000 children suffered from TB. The number is feared to be higher as most cases were not reported, 20 countries will join Kenya as of October in rolling out the new medicine nationwide.

Keratosis Pilaris Treatment: Easy Home Remedies Tips

Keratosis Pilaris is a very common, but relatively unknown skin condition that affects over 50% of the world population. Most of those with this condition do not even know it. Keratosis pilaris causes small, acne-like bumps, which usually appear on the upper arms, legs or buttocks; they usually don’t hurt or itch. Keratosis pilaris can also appear on the face, where it closely resembles acne. Although these bumps are quite harmless, it could affect a person’s self confidence and could reduce a person’s quality of lifestyle. Keratosis pilaris is particularly prevalent in those who are overweight, or have celtic backgrounds, atopic dermatitis or ichthyosis. Is keratosis pilaris treatable? Of course. Here are some possible home remedies for this condition.

If you are looking keratosis pilaris treatment, do bear in mind that this condition does not need to be treated with conventional medication

which may bring more harm than good. Start with the basics such as diet and skin care, and this will significantly improve your condition.

First, include Vitamin E and the essential fatty acids, such as omega-3, omega-6, omega-9 & GLA, in your diet, as these help regulate abnormal proliferation of the outer skin layers. In other words, they help promote a healthy exfoliation process which in turn helps the skin rids the body of toxins. Daily cleansing of the body is how we help the process by washing away the dead skin cells from the body. In some cases, we may need to assist the exfoliation process with the use of exfoliating soaps or cleansers or body loofahs.

Keratosis pilaris is a condition which indicates lack of moisture and imbalance immune system. You need to bring moisture back to your skin, by increasing water intake as well as moisturizing your skin. In addition, you need to restore balance through nutritions and

detoxification to remove the toxins that are affecting your immune health.

Urea Cream is often recommended for treating Keratosis pilaris. However, before you use urea creams, think about this. Nitrogen, which is a waste product of protein metabolism in humans, is removed from the blood and converted to urea. Urea is transferred into the urine and removed from the body. Medically it is used in creams, supposedly, to restore moisture. There are more natural and healthier alternatives for moisturizing the skin such as Vitamin E oil, borage oil, and a many others; why use a toxic waste byproduct to do the job. In addition, most of the prescribed creams that contain urea might contain other harmful ingredients that’s not particularly good for the skin.

Try these more natural skin care options instead:

Elicina cream (
Rose Hip oil
Burt’s Bees Exfoliating soap
Burt’s Bees Vitamin E bath oil
Borage Skin Therapy lotion by Shikai

Consider a cleansing or detoxification program to rid the toxins from your system. Finally, you will need make sure your environment is

allergen free. Apart from food allergens, try to avoid other possible allergens which may aggravate your condition such as chlorine treated

water systems, pet dander, molds, dust mites, Amalgam fillings in teeth, fluoride in toothpaste, harsh detergents, and so on.

In conclusion, it is good news to those affected that keratosis pilaris is harmless and easily treated. With the proper diet and change of

lifestyle, you can overcome this condition easily. Go for natural treatment for keratosis pilaris to avoid even more toxins to get into your body system which in turn will worsen the condition. Take care of your diet and lifestyle, you are on your way to healthier skin.


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